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Africa’s cities of the future Proper planning key to sustainable cities

A model of the future Kigali City. An ambitious Kigali development master plan aims to turn the city into the ‘Singapore of Africa’. Photo: Panos/Sven Torfinn.

One of the objectives of Sustainable Development Goals is to have sustainable cities that provide opportunities for all, including access to basic services, energy, housing, and transport. In this special coverage, we look at some African cities like Lagos and Kigali that are on the move and others such as Abidjan and Mogadishu that are recovering.

In this edition of Straight Talk Africa, host Haydé Adams looks at Africa’s urban development. She is joined by Wandile Mthiyane, architect and CEO of Ubuntu Design Group, Emana Nsikan-George, climate researcher and sustainability practitioner on climate actions, Christian Benimana, managing director of MASS Design Group and Johnny Miller, photographer of Unequal Scenes. 


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