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Youth Uniting Africa – Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania (2021)

Youth Uniting Africa is an actionable conversation about possible solutions to emerging problems facing Youth in Africa. It is also about highlighting new emerging opportunities for Youth in Africa. Ranging from entrepreneurship and job creation to partnership, collaboration and more. Youth Uniting Africa is set to be an annual youth conference happening in different African countries each year. This will in turn help us promote community integration by bringing together people from different social backgrounds and exchanging ideas. Three Main Action Points of the Youth Uniting Africa forum: 1. Discuss the major challenges currently facing Youth in Africa and identify reasonable and actionable solutions. 2. Identify the emerging opportunities for Youth in Africa: Job Creation, Education, Talent Development, Policymaking and Governance. 3. Promote community integration by creating a shared Action Plan outlining actions African Youth can take to achieve both personal and continental goals. TO SPEAK OR PERFORM at this Event, please fill this form: https://goo.gl/forms/ZvkqDOd3Fno22Yrf1 Host Country: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania Charges: Free (Limited Slots - Preregister by filling the RSVP form below.) Date: 7th August, 2021 Time: 4:00pm to 8:00pm Contact us for any suggestions, questions or clarifications: events@fatumasvoice.org

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Toxic Workplace Survey Kenya (2021)

Toxic Workplace Survey Kenya (June 2021) Toxic Workplace Survey: The purpose of this survey is to uncover the root causes and effects of toxic work environments for staff, management, and the organization as a whole. The final report will be freely available for download and shared on social media outlets. It will also be highlighted […] More

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10 Tips to Improve Your Poetry – ArtHut

Jump on it!Why Should You Improve Your Poetry Okay, so how can you actually improve your poetry? 1. Understand What Poetry Itself Is2. Read, Read Read! 3. Rhyming is a common distraction for new poets 4. Associate with poets Read more…

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