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9 Mental Health Organisations in Kenya (2021)

We all want to be healthy both mentally and physically. However, Kenya is estimated to have one in every 10 people suffering from common mental illness such as depression, anxiety disorders and substance abuse. When we are physically ill it is easy to get referrals online, from friends, colleagues and even family of the best doctors that offer the best treatment for what we may be ailing from.

However, when experiencing mental health issues this problem is not readily shared and mostly one is left with trying to search for answers online. The questions that linger in our minds are: Where can I get the mental health practitioner? At what fee can I get access to their services? What are their working hours? What kind of services do they offer?

Let’s look at organizations both profit and nonprofit in Kenya that focus on mental health, the services they provide and how you can reach them:


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Written by Elsyne Njoki

Elsyne Njoki is a strategic problem-solver who drives operational initiatives
to realize bottom-line results in the pursuit of organizational objectives and
gets projects done. With years of experience, she has experience in project
management, administrative support, human resources, strategic
impleme nta tion and collaboration.


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